We can spread Love & Care for better life


Human Alive Foundation wishes to partner with organisations that share our goal of empowering people in every possible way.
Human Alive Foundation proactively seeks to build partnerships that leverage the compassion,combined skills, assets, technologies and resources of the public, private and nonprofit sectors to deliver sustainable development impact. Such partnerships enable us to achieve more working together than we ever could by working alone. We also believe in giving recognition to all the organisations that step forward to help during crisis.

Building partnerships with Human Alive Foundation starts with defining a shared vision of what we want to achieve together, and then co-creating a partnership that taps into the respective strengths of different partners. We believe the most effective partnerships are those in which responsibilities and rewards are shared.

We are passionate about working in partnership with a variety of partners multinational corporations, local businesses, universities, foundations, NGOs, in-country partners, government agencies and other donors as well to make a real difference in the lives of people across the world.

If any brand wishes to collaborate or work with Human Alive Foundation then you’re always welcome, provided you fore mention the type of collaboration/work that you wish to do with us.

After the tie up ,our website will put up your brand name & logo on our website’s homepage.


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