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Be a part of our noble cause by being the volunteers of our foundation. Foundation invites all the enthusiastic people who have the courage to serve their nation selflessly. Our nation has provided us everything that we want, Now it’s our time to help our nation prosper. Join our foundation and see our nation’s future come out with flying colours.

Foundation always welcomes the support of Volunteer for our Projects. We also offer Virtual Volunteership.

Please fill the form and register yourself as a volunteer. We will contact you soon. The Certificate of Volunteership shall be provided only if you complete the task assigned to you.

Please upload your Aadhar in jpg, PDF format.
Lastly, tell us briefly about your specific interest in associating with Human Alive Foundation

Our Policy

It is the policy of this organisation to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, colour, religion, state origin, gender, age, or disability.
Thank you for completing this registration form and for your interest in associating with Human Alive Foundation (Regd.) NGO.

If you have any Other Special Skill or Talent, do let us know!

  1. Volunteer won’t be provided with a joining letter but a confirmation of their registration with the NGO would be sent by mail.
  2. Volunteer would not be paid for any of the social activities. Volunteer services are voluntary in nature.
  3. Volunteer should make sure to post the NGO’s activities and updates on their social media & whatsapp.
  4. Any misuse of Foundation’s T-shirt would lead to serious consequences and thereby legal action will be taken against the person.
  5. The amount given by a volunteer to the NGO during the registration would be thoroughly used as a donation and is non-refundable.
  6. Each and every volunteer would be assigned with a specific responsibility / work and he / she will have to complete the same abiding by the rules and orders without any other interventions.
  7. After scrutinizing volunteer’s work for 6 months,NGO may grant a promotion to the volunteer.
  8. After working with the NGO for a tenure of 6 months,volunteer would be provided with a certificate of experience.
  9. If any kind of misbehaviour or trouble to another member of the foundation has been witnessed then NGO has complete authority to dismiss or take any legal action against the person without any prior notice.
  10. We expect you to keep foundation’s reputation always in mind & thereby abide by the rules and regulations.
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