Chandan Govind Chaudhari

(Founder & Trustee of Human Alive Foundation)

About Founder

Our Founder Chandan Chaudhari did not just have the passion to achieve his dreams but also wanted everyone to live life happily with access to each and every rights. His main motive in life was to destroy the gap between the rich,the middle class and the poor. So, he thought of creating something which would be a source to help everyone irrespective of their race, caste, creed, religion, gender etc. Therefore, Even after having so much to do for himself, he was a bit unsatisfied in his heart as he always had a dream of starting a foundation which he thought would act as a best source to make people’s lives better .He aims to help cancer patients , HIV patients ,provide educational help to poor children or any person who cannot afford studying. This could have been possible only through a good organization which he achieved by creating an NGO, “Human Alive Foundation“ with the support of his loyal team.
Some amount of percentage from all his 3 companies goes towards the welfare of this foundation.

– Human Alive Team

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